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Temporarily Closed

How else do i say this other than just say it how it is. My husband and I feel it is in our best interest and those we serve that we temporarily close our bakery until our nation is healthy enough to pickup ourselves up and begin recovering from this horrific loss of family, friends and dignity due to COVID-19. 

Right now, we want to focus on being with our family in good health and in prayer for our FAMILIES, FRIENDS and OUR WORLD that we grow closer together in kindness, love and spirit and when we see our brother or sister down, we lift them up and help carry them to place of peace.

Right now, it may be difficult for us to understand, but the sooner we can accept the things WE CANNOT CHANGE, the sooner we can move forward in WAYS WE CAN CHANGE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Things you can do to make a difference:

  • Stay home.
  • Spend time with your family talking.
  • Tell you better half, you love them.
  • Tell your kids you love them.
  • Meditate (IT REALLY DOES WORK!)
  • Play games. 
  • When you're feeling defeated, depressed, do something nice for SOMEONE. (I promise you, it's to YOUR OWN BENEFIT). 
  • When all this is over, remember what it took to get you through this and keep doing it. 
  • It's God's way of taking us back to the basics in life. 


Our deepest thoughts and prayers are with US ALL. 

In kindness and love, 

Amy Meza

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