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Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!

 I’ve humbled myself, I’m being real with myself and it’s time to make the changes that help make the world go round. I have 3 Kickass employees  (Cheyenne, Bri, and Maria and an OG, Cassie. She likes to come help out during her spare time and summers) that aren’t afraid to rise and grind week after week to make awesome cakes for your birthday, your kids birthday, and your employee appreciations and the list goes on. But here’s the tea... we all love the IDEA of supporting small local businesses but its hard to justify REALLY supporting them when we can get it cheaper at Walmart or Sam's or a friend who knows someone who will do it cheap or free. I mean, who can compete with that!? So here’s the meat of the topic- when you ask us to make you a cake with all of the bells and whistles, here’s how it all goes down... 


This price doesn’t even include utilities, equipment, tools or profit.  I don't want to insult anyone's intelligence, but if you've gotten a cake from us before and paid any of the prices in the image, well then you know what's up. 

Oh but to see the joy in you’re eyes, your children’s eyes when you first lay eyes on your cake is priceless. We LOVE what we do and we want to keep serving you, but we cannot do so by compromising our work and value. Help us to continue to perfecting our talent and craft. Just like you, we are in it to make a living. Lately I’ve been seeing several small business neighbors closing  their doors because it’s tough juggling multiple hats and being able to provide for their family. 

Now for dessert...

We want to overcome this statistic of businesses closing after 5 years. F that! We want to earn your business time after time. Year after year. Decade after decade! We want to create lasting relationships with you, your children and your children’s children. We want to be the best, starting with our local community! We want to celebrate with you! So just how do we plan on doing that? Glad you asked. We’ve committed ourselves to reinvesting in our business by providing you with the best of the best! We’ve been working diligently on producing HIGHER QUALITY WORK,  improving our already DELICIOUS RECIPES  and sparking up NEW INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS.  Hello, my name is Amy Meza, owner of Love Sweet Things Bakery, Lets celebrate! 

Yaay!! It’s about freggin time!! Sorry folks I’m a little slow but thank God, He’s always on time! Ok so when can we expect the changes? We would like to invite you to come celebrate with us on October 26th, 11a-4pm.

We want to thank you for your support and we look forward to creating long lasting friendships and relationships!


Peace! A.






Amy Meza

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