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Thanksgiving is Everyday...

Creating beautiful and fun cakes is my joy and there's nothing like providing a cake that is completely to the customer's satisfaction. I feel grateful and thankful when my customer's are happy. 
I remember a few years ago on Thanksgiving, I greeted someone by saying "Happy Thanksgiving" and to this day, I'm not clear on why he was so offended by it because he said to me that Thanksgiving is only for white people. Being an american and Hispanic I felt a need to quickly not only defend my country, but my belief in general. I said to him, what a shame you feel that way. Thanksgiving is not just for white people or Americans. Thanksgiving is a way of living EVERYDAY. Thanksgiving is about being thankful for all that you have and for giving to others what you can. Thanksgiving is about blessing and being blessed.  
A couple of months ago, I made a beautiful bridal cake for some friends, Joe and Tina and this past week, Tina dropped by the bakery to leave me a thoughtful gift of wine and card thanking me for the beautiful wedding cake that I had made for them on their wedding day.  She was Thanksgiving. 

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