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When opening Love Sweet Things Bakery, it was easy for me to accept orders in whatever way was easiest for my customers. So I received orders via Facebook (both from my business page and personal page), email, text messages, phone calls you name it. However, it saddens me when someone says; I tried calling you or messaging you for a cake but I didn’t get a response. Unfortunately, it’s gotten difficult for me to keep up with these various channels of communication mainly because they tend to be a back and forth type of communication and eventually some may fall to the wayside; so I’ve recently made my cell number our permanent business number for the bakery and this means any of our staff members can take your order.


However, I would like to begin channeling all cake inquiries via phone calls so that we can ensure all orders are being handled promptly. Please know that I personally may not get to take your call, but please know that Iris, Rachel and Cassie are knowledgeable and helpful and I will always ensure orders are reviewed and that we are giving you the best option that suits your needs.


For all cake inquiries, please call us at: 817.296.3103


I’m so grateful for everyone understanding as we continue to grow and strive to maintain great customer service and quality baked sweet things!


Wishing you many sweet things in life!


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