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Find Your Tribe and Don't Give Up

To wake up and do something different if you want change, takes courage. But how do I do that? Where do I start? 

My go to is not family and friends (no offense, I still love and adore you). In my experience, if I'm not speaking their language in my case non-business issues/concerns then we're not clicking and I'm probably speaking on deaf ears. I used to run to Barnes & Noble to the business or self help section looking for inspiration. Now days I've got so much resources at the tip of my fingers, I drown myself in podcasts that niche down in the areas in which I'm struggling in. 

Lately, I'm obsessed with Re-launching me. Figuring out how I can start dumping 10 years worth of bakery content I have cramped up. My last post I was gung-ho on doing videos on ALL OF MY RECIPES and OTHER STUFF. But I just learned that when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. So, I'm working on niching down my content and I'm learning how to even begin speaking to my ideal customers and how to begin creating my online courses. So far, learning how to build my customer base has been huge learning curve. what tools to use for creating the courses. And of course, you gotta have something to teach.  

This shit ain't easy. (sorry mom), but seriously. There's so much to learn and to put it all in perspective is overwhelming. But persistence is keen. I'm down for the challenge and I will prevail. 

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